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FAQs for J. Amado Photography

  1. Are there any other charges added to your rates?
  2. Do you offer any discounts?
  3. Do you edit the images?
  4. When do I receive the images and are they in full-resolution (hi-res)? Release form?
  5. What is your availability?
  6. How far in advance do you book?
  7. Do you have suggestions for a location?
  8. What do I wear?
  9. What type of photography do you offer?
  10. Do you have a studio?
  11. What is an on-location (in-home) portrait photographer?
  12. Do you need a lot of space to set up?
  13. Can you recommend some photographers outside of Colorado?

1. Are there any other charges added to your rates? For example, travel time and additional family members.

My packages are priced to include my "sitting fee" and "creative fee". I offer 1 and 1.5 hour packages and it should be all you need for most photo sessions. There are NO added charges to my rates unless you want to add more time or order additional prints. I am located in central Denver so it's very easy to travel to most homes and locations. I will travel up to 25 miles from my 80231 area code at no extra cost. If you live outside of that area I would like to discuss over the phone but the charge would be around .54 cents for each mile outside.

2. Do you offer any discounts?

I offer a discount when you book the A-Stop (1 hour) and B-Stop (1.5 hours) package together. Most of the time this combo package is for a newborn session (B-Stop) and a maternity session or future baby session (A-Stop). The other discount that I do offer is for my repeat clients. All my past clients receive a $40 discount off either portrait package.

3. Do you edit the pictures?

I work through and color correct all the pictures to make sure the grass is green, sky is blue, shadows, highlights, and the skin tones are just right. The skin tone will vary depending on the time of day, time of year, or surroundings.

I like to leave all my clients in their natural beauty. If you're looking for a portrait photographer to make you look plastic and out of a magazine or ad, then I might not be what you are looking for. The quality that you receive is what you see on my website and my blog. I do some light retouching and attempt to remove blemishes (i.e. fresh pimple, bruise, or scratch) on your most important portraits. When you receive your pictures and you wish to see something a little different, feel free to contact me and let me know your request. I will edit the image, to the best of my ability, and email over the edited version. There is a little more editing involved when it comes to those adorable newborns because of flaky skin and redness, but I still like to leave you with portraits so you could "remember your baby as they were".

4. When do I receive the images and are they in full-resolution (hi-res)? Release form?

It takes me about 2 weeks to finish your images. If you need them sooner please let me know. The images will be delivered to you via-download link in full-resolution (high-res). This means that I provide you with the largest possible files so you are able to print out various sizes of your pictures without compromising image quality. You will not be limited to only printing out 4x6s. You will have the permission and ability to print out larger sizes like 5x7s, 8x10s, and larger. I will also provide you with the full release to your images to do as you wish! They are all YOURS!

5. What is your availability?

Ready to book your photo session?! Contact me and let's chat about possible dates.

6. How far in advance do you book?

I book photo sessions up to 6 months in advance. It's never too early to plan!

7. Do you have suggestions for a location?

Yes! Click here to view my photography locations page. Once you get to the page, click on a marker on the map, which will have a link to photo sessions that I have done at the location. I am also open to exploring new locations!

8. What do I wear?

Good question! My answer is the same for everyone… wear something comfortable that you feel and look great in. The days of having everyone match are gone. I want your colors and outfits to complement each other. One person should not stick out more than the other. Solid colors and simples patterns work best.

Think about the time of year. During fall and winter month's darker colors always show great. A nice sweater, jacket, or scarf look nice this time of year in pictures. During the spring and summer month's lighter colors are preferred.

I don't give you a lot of guidelines of what to wear but I do have some preferences of what not to wear…

• Matching bottoms and tops; those days are gone.
• Visible logos and graphic tees; they both scream for attention in pictures so I would stay away from them unless you want your school logo or really wanted your company's logo in the pictures.
• No hats; if you want to wear a hat keep it off until it's needed. Hat hair!
• Avoid black if pets are involved; bring a roller just in case.
• Neon colors and white; if other colors are involved they are okay. But if it's just a solid bright color, then it won't look great under a certain light.

9. What photography do you offer?

I offer baby photography, newborn photography, maternity photography, senior pictures, family portrait photography, children's photography, business headshots, engagement photography, and wedding photography.

10. Do you have a studio?

Not at this time. Read the next question...

11. What is an on-location (in-home) portrait photographer?

As an on-location photographer I have all my photo sessions at my clients' homes or location of their choice. When you schedule and in-home portrait photography session, I will bring all necessary equipment to either shoot with natural light or with studio strobes. I do not carry props (unless it's a newborn session) because a picture means a little more when we include your baby's toys, blankets, or something special around the house. For those that want "studio" style pictures please contact me so that I remember to bring my lighting equipment, backdrop, and stands to create a small studio in your home.

12. Do you need a lot of space to set up for "studio" style portraits?

Working as an in-home portrait photographer in California, I developed a knack for finding the perfect area to set up. If you are concerned you have a small space, do not worry, I have done portrait sessions in the kitchen! I will need about 7 feet across by 8 or 9 feet, to set up my equipment. If I need to shrink it, it's definitely possible. The only time when I will need more space is if the family is bigger than 5. Please contact me if you have any questions about available space.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions. Also, please let me know where you found my website (google, yahoo, bing, facebook, etc.)

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